My Sister Has Never Felt This Good

My sister has had back issues for as long as I can remember. It was never to the level where she was not able to live a normal life, but there were things that she just was not able to do because of the pain she would feel. It was not until she was in her thirties and was the mother of three children that she first went to see a Sacramento chiropractor. She had been carrying groceries in from the car when she dropped two of the bags because she had a back spasm.

She decided she was no longer going to live this way, and she went online to see if she could find some answers. She wasn’t sure what she was looking for, but she put her symptoms in to see what answers came up. Everything led to her needing to see a chiropractor, so she looked carefully to find the right one in her area. Continue reading

Looking for a New Flashlight

I am starting to look for a new flashlight, since the last one I had has disappeared. It was called a Blazeray and I bought it for a very reasonable price on Amazon. When I looked to get another one the site said that it is currently unavailable. You can probably get another of them some place else, but I really like to use Amazon payments. That gives you the ability to skip the part where you have to add a credit card. I just have to have this one in there and it is practically useless for anyone who got hold of the number on it. That is just the way that I like it too. I am really not that comfortable with that to be honest, but it is really best if you can avoid it when you are able to do so. Continue reading

Useful Tips For Health and Fitness

Health conscious people are committed to maintain their health and fitness levels on all counts against all odds. But at times, they even tend to lapse and get slightly off track from their fitness goals. At this juncture, staying motivated and committed towards their health and fitness has to be top on the list.

You could begin with reiterating your fitness goals to yourself. You could always have an idol set for yourself. It could be a sportsperson or a celebrity who has kept in shape over a period of years. You could even chalk out a fitness plan for yourself and work your way towards it. Daily monitoring of your fitness schedules, dos and don’ts can be effectively done through a daily diary.

The daily diary writing exercise takes just a few minutes and makes you even more committed to staying right on dot of your fitness schedule. You could even jot down your moods and whims, your cravings and lapses in the fitness schedules as and when you click or miss a particular fitness goal.

Make sure you have got a well balanced diet plan all chalked out for you. The diet plan should accommodate all the required nutrients in balanced quantities. In case of shortage of any one of them say vitamins, proteins or carbohydrates, you are very much likely to feel negative emotions and emotional upswings.

It helps if you have a friend, partner or a colleague who joins you in the fitness program. You can enroll yourself in a local gymnasium or any exercise class. You could even form your own group and discuss each other views, happenings and fitness results. These go a long way in making you stay motivated and enthusiastic about progressing towards your fitness goals and targets.

For every small achievement of your goal you could reward yourself with a small gift or a treat which you find affordable and agreeable. This initiative goes a long way in prepping you up and move towards your fitness goals all along.

Working under stress and pressure has its own drawbacks and disadvantages. There is no point in working hard and earning well if you do not enjoy good health or face recurring health and medical issues. Besides earning and working hard to enjoy a better lifestyle, it pays to be healthy and fit. Do take out time for staying healthy and fit for that’s the best way to enjoy a fruitful and satisfying life.

Spas For Health and Fitness

Spa is a wonder word which instantly brings in mental images of cool, healthy and relaxing destinations. The Oxford dictionary defines a spa as a place with mineral springs and believed to have health benefits. Spas have been popular since ancient times, with the only exception that the facilities were limited to either the royals or the rich. Considering the amount of money which is involved, modern day times seem to have followed the trend of catering only to the rich.

There seems to be a huge variety of the outdoor spas, like the Medical, Health, Resort, Day, Destination, Mineral springs and so on.

Medical Spa
A medical spa is the one which deals with medical treatments by qualified medical practitioners, for specific ailments. For example an Ayurvedic Medical Spa concentrates on treating Arthritis, Paralysis, Slip disc and other disorders. Some others may have Botox treatment, Laser therapy and may deal solely with Skin treatment and cosmetic procedures.

Health Spas
The terms Health and Medical Spa though seemingly similar, entail different procedures. A health spa is where the emphasis is on overall health and well being, a place to rejuvenate and relax. Stress is a constant companion of modern day life. People get bogged down by the tight schedules and increasing demands of the modern, jet set lifestyle. These visitors are in otherwise good health and simply looking forward to a break in their busy schedules to enjoy some pampering and relaxation.

Resort Spa
The setting is usually in a hotel and it provides staying facilities for the intended visitors. Resort spas are a convenient way for families and business travelers to spend some time in the comfort and professional service of the spas. Typically located in a green and healthy locale, Resort spas often are touted as an important tourist attraction of any given destination.

Day Spa
Day spas offer massages, pedicure, manicure and other cosmetic treatments. The visitor spends the whole day over here and is taken good care of by the spa staff. Sauna baths, hot oil massages, medicated oil massages and a menu which caters not only to the taste buds but also to the health, are all facilities offered.
Day spas are quite an efficient and hassle free way to get some regular rejuvenating treatment and to fight away stress.

Mineral Spring Spa
As the name itself is suggestive, Mineral spas deal with Hydrotherapy. Visitors are provided mineral or spring water baths. Mineral baths are used as curative therapy for various skin ailments like Psoriasis, Eczema or certain dermatitis. The hot thermal spas benefit patients with Rheumatoid arthritis, respiratory disorders, and disorders of the locomotive system and a load of other general disorders. The Mineral spring spa could either be man made or located in a locale blessed with natural mineral water geysers or springs.

The Importance of Health and Wellness

The importance of health and wellness has certainly come to the forefront of the health industry in the last decade. With the baby boomer generation nearing or entering their senior years, strained health and medical services, and the realization by greater numbers of people of the limitations of medical science, society has developed an increasingly prominent attitude of responsibility towards one’s own health and wellness.

No longer are people solely relying on doctors or hospitals to make them better if they get sick. Instead, the approach has changed to one of illness prevention, to maintain or improve the state of health that already exists. The incredible boom in the health industry overall bears witness to these trends.

The importance of health and wellness is reflected by the fact that diets, weight loss programs, exercise programs and equipment, fitness facilities, spas, nutritional supplements and activity/leisure groups of all sorts are now commonplace in our everyday lives. Some of these changes are driven by the extreme demands and long waits for treatment in the health care system, but also by the desire of the working generation for a more active lifestyle after retirement, with the hope of being fit and well enough to participate in their chosen activities. For these goals to manifest into reality the base of good health must be built up throughout life, not just to try to repair the damage after it’s been done.

Health and Medical Insurance Coverage

It Is Less Expensive When Insured Under an Association

Over the years, it has been repeated that it is cheaper to obtain health insurance if you are being insured under a group. An example of this is a group of union or workers or laborers within a given corporation. Although this is less expensive, there are still others who will find it difficult benefiting from it. This is because the corporations under which they work hardly provide health insurance to their employees or that these people cannot locate a scheme such as that which provides coverage to a group or under which that can benefit by belonging to that group.

Sometimes in the past, employers made it habitual to contribute to the health insurance of their employees. This was considered as a portion of their payments. When the economy starting getting into recession, this benefit was gradually reduced and even eliminated. For this reason, most employees are compelled to personally take care of the cost on insuring their own health.

There is an option for those living in California. What is done is that people can take care of their health through health insurance by either through an indemnity or an organized care plan. An indemnity arrangement is that in which the insured has the option to decide on whoever is making provision for the service and the insurance provider will in turn take charge of a considerable amount of this cost. The insured will also have to contribute his or her share of the cost and this is commonly known as coinsurance. This will be applicable in a situation in which the medical expenses do not go beyond a certain limit. Once this limit is exceeded, the insurer will have to pay for the whole cost.

On the other hand, an organized care plan is a scheme which focuses on pre-emptive health care. This scheme is operated by an association of hospitals and certified health care providers and they often provide extensive health insurance to their clients through an agreement. Under this scheme, it will be impossible for the insured to opt for whoever will provide health insurance for him or her. At times, this is even considered unnecessary because the benefits and satisfaction always derived from the quality and measure of health care provided is greater than the option of making a choice that the client forfeits.

Providing Health Care to the Community

There are two health care schemes which the central administration has made available to all. These are the Medicare and Medicaid.

The administration does this by declaring a stage of minimum earnings and it in turn provides finances to every State so that it can better administer its individual health care arrangement. What should be taken note of is that the finances to this scheme are not always available. For this reason, qualifying for the scheme will always be a matter to be decided by the administration of each state and it will also vary. It should be noted that the main objective of the above two schemes are meant to provide health care to the feeble such as the aged, those who are handicapped, those who cannot financially make provision of their health care and especially kids. Those schemes have been referred to as MediCal and Healthy Families schemes in California.

There are different health insurance schemes and all these schemes will have sets of rules and regulations which take care of them. If you intend to become part of any of such schemes, it is necessary to critically look into what they provide. You should also know that you must pay the “deductible”. This is a fixed sum that must be paid annually ahead of benefiting from health insurance covered by the policy. Keep in mind that the larger the deductible, the cheaper the rate of premium. However, most people will believe that what you pay for health insurance is not really clear when every other consideration such as those under the indemnity scheme and organized care scheme is taken into account.

Of late, the administration in California made available a card for prescription drugs and this card is gotten without any charge. Every Californian is qualified to have this card. The benefit of having this card is that you will benefit from a price cut of 75% if you pay for any prescription medication. This is part of a program aimed at providing health care to the whole community.

Health and Medical Condition in the Philippines in Crisis

The sad news that half of the doctors working at a government hospital in Cagayan de Oro City, a city in Mindanao, Philippines, have resigned over disillusionment at how things are being managed at the hospital should cause alarm to every government hospital in other provinces in the country.

The discontents and complaints – low pay, long working hours, lack of medicines and facilities – are not new. In fact the national government has long been aware of such poor conditions, yet little effort has been done to cure the problem.

For the 18 doctors at J.R. Borja City Hospital in Cagayan de Oro that eventually left their jobs after their patience had been exhausted, their decision to resign wasn’t a difficult one. They knew so well that they could work anywhere in the Philippines before they may embark a career shift at hospitals abroad. Doctors will never run out of job offers here and abroad.

Working in a governmental hospital can be a painful job. Unless one has an enormous reservoir of patriotic fervor and caring attitude for the community where he/she lives in, it is difficult to imagine working in an environment that gets little support from the decision-makers, the government officials.

If doctors choose to stay in a government hospital, it is probably because they want to harness their medical skills before going abroad. Pay, working hour scheme and facilities could become a source of terrible discouragement such as the fate to doctors of the J.R. Borja City Hospital in Cagayan de Oro City.

Physicians who remain in the country, I believe, should be lavished with attractive compensation package and other work benefits because staying in the country itself is already a big sacrifice when in fact what they could earn abroad tremendously pales in comparison to what they could be paid for here.

If the pay is really low, perhaps the government could make doctors’ lives more cheerful by providing them with a more flexible working schedule and an improved medical facilities. That is the ideal setup.

The national government cannot use the excuse of budgetary constraints that it cannot raise the salary of medical professionals in the country. For if the government can afford to bankroll multi-billion projects (many of which are subjects to corruption investigation) and throw billions of pesos more for pork barrel funds that don’t really serve its purpose, it can, without doubt, revolutionize and change the health sector of the country.

Call it wrong priorities. The Philippine government puts so much funds on non-performing projects but neglects what is most important to its people: health. Look at the fertilizer scam, to name just one. How many billions of pesos have been wasted on wrong priorities?

In the end, the above resignation of doctors will not be the last. The worst scenario is yet to come. The continued exodus of medical professionals is already a death sentence to the future of Philippine health system. If the government won’t repair its broken policies towards health welfare of the Filipinos, it’s really dangerous to get sick in the Philippines.

Penis Health and Medication Side Effects – Important Tips for Penis Care

Advances in medical treatment have vastly improved the health of many people, but can medication reactions have an adverse impact on penis health? The fact is that every medication has the potential to cause side effects, and sometimes, those reactions may have an impact on a man’s penis in one way or another. The risk of side effects can vary enormously from one medication to another, as well as from one man to another, so the possibility of a manhood-related side effect by itself does not mean a man should avoid a prescribed medication; however, in order to maintain an appropriate level of penis care, men should be aware if a particular medication has the potential to impact his organ. That knowledge will enable a man to make better, more informed decisions concerning his health.

Side effects

The following is a list of side effects that can have an impact on penis health; while there are more possible side effects, this list provides a good overview of what to be on the lookout for.

1) Erectile dysfunction. Let’s be honest: this is the side effect that most men are worried about – and why not? Men like sex and don’t want anything to interfere with one of their favorite pastimes. There are quite a few medications that can possibly contribute to erectile dysfunction in the form of weaker erections, less durable erections or outright impotence. Again, however, it’s important to remember that this is only a potential side effect: the actual incidence may be very low.

Among the classes of medications that are associated with possible erectile dysfunction are blood pressure medications, antihistamines and antidepressants. When talking about blood pressure treatments, some “sub-groups” are more likely to cause erectile dysfunction than others; these include diuretics and beta blockers. Much less associated with erectile issues are ACE inhibitors, alpha blockers, calcium channel blockers and ARBs.

2) Urinary incontinence. This is another side effect of concern: not having proper control of the bladder is not only inconvenient, but it also can be quite embarrassing. Among the medications that may cause urinary incontinence are diuretics, antihistamines, sedatives and antidepressants. Two classes of high blood pressure medicines, calcium channel blockers and alpha blockers, are also on the list.

3) Skin issues. Skin reactions are a potential side effect of almost any medication – although even in medications that are considered most likely to cause these reactions, the incidence rate is typically no higher than 5%. It’s also worth noting that most often, these skin reactions occur elsewhere on the body than the penis. The classes of medications with the highest incidence of skin reactions are certain anti-inflammatory medications, antibiotics and anti-epileptics.

4) Priapism. A persistent and painful erection lasting four hours or longer is considered priapism. Although the concept of a “long lasting” erection is appealing, in practice priapism can cause serious damage to the organ. Among the classes of medications which may have priapic side effects are antidepressants, antipsychotics, anticoagulants and hormones. The FDA recently issued an advisory that some ADHD treatments containing methylphenidate have been associated with instances of priapism.

5) Penis curvature. Penis curvature is a fairly rare side effect, but it has been reported in some users of beta blockers. At least one study associates it as a possible side effect of one medication used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Managing mediation reactions is all part of an appropriate penis health routine. It’s important to note that many common dermatological skin issues, including some caused by medication reactions, can be eased through the application of a top drawer penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). A good cream for this purpose will include a pair of essential moisturizers, such as the shea butter and vitamin E; these can play an important role in keeping the skin properly hydrated. In addition, the proper cream will also include a powerful antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid, in order to offset harmful oxidative processes and avoid wrinkly penis skin issues.

Health and Medical Tourism in Bulgaria

In 2004, the number of incoming tourists who visited the Bulgarian spa centres increased by approximately 20 percent, compared to 2003. The well developed network of private cosmetic surgery and dental clinics offer services at prices several times lower than the lowest in the European Union, and this fact has attracted the attention of the large insurance companies that cover their clients’ medical expenses. They are more willing than before to pay for trips to the east, where treatment is many times cheaper.

Plastic surgery not covered by medical insurance also attracts clients with prices that are up to five times lower. The good value of medical treatment is topped up with high-quality service: foreign patients in Bulgaria have a wide choice of doctors and clinics because in the mid-1990s many of the best physicians in the country, disappointed with their low state salaries, set up private surgeries and clinics.

Mineral water treatment

Mineral water treatment is particularly popular among foreign tourists, because Bulgaria
boasts more than a thousand mineral springs scattered throughout the country. The water content in many of them is similar to those in world-renowned spas like Baden-Baden and Vichy.

Some present-day Bulgarian spas were built on the sites of ancient Roman thermae or Turkish baths. The best-known balneology and mud bath therapy centres are Pavel Banya, Hisar, Velingrad, Narechen, Vurshets, Kyustendil and Momin Prohod, near Kostenets. They specialise in the treatment of different ailments, depending on their water content.

Hisar, located among the impressive ruins of an ancient Roman fortress in the plain between the Balkan Mountains and Plovdiv, is recommended for renal and gastrointestinal illnesses. Sapareva Banya sprang up around the hottest water spring in Bulgaria. Narechen specialises in neural disorders, Pavel Banya in orthopaedic illnesses and traumas, and Sandanski in pulmonary diseases. Two large seaside resorts, Albena and Pomorie, offer mud bath treatment.

Most of these centres also offer special rehabilitation and toning programmes. The prices vary, depending on the treatment. For example, a 10-day anti-stress programme, including aromatherapy, massage, and Iye-phoresis, costs less than 100 Euros; a flve-day treatment of rheumatic pain is from 70 to 110 Euros. Accommodation is between 20 and 70 Euros a day, full board.

Slimming centres

Other popular destinations are the slimming centres. The most popular clinic for non-medicinal treatment of obesity is located in the Black Sea resort of Sts. Constantine and Helena. There, a mild form of medical starvation is practised under constant medical supervision, in combination with a daily allowance of one kilogramme of raw fruit, and healthy eating habits.

The stay in the sanatorium can vary from 10 to 20 days, and the package is between 500 and 2,000 Euros, depending on the length of the treatment. It includes accommodation in a four-star hotel, daily doctor’s rounds, personal consultation with the centre’s head physician, the development of an individual dieting and nutrition schedule for each patient upon leaving, and medical examinations.

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery also attracts health tourists with its prices and services. The plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics which opened in the mid-1990s turned out to be too many, and the severe competition forced their owners to invest in modern equipment, good specialists, and a range of amenities for in-house patients. Besides, they had to keep their prices low.

Whereas in Germany a woman will pay from 6,000 to 10,000 Euros for a bosom boost, the most expensive clinics in Bulgaria perform the operation for 2,500 to 3,000 Euros. The ratio between other services is similar.

Face-lifting under full anaesthesia is hardly over 1,200 Euros, complete lips correction is not higher than 450 Euros, and liposuction costs 300 Euros.

Dental services

Another popular goal of health tourism in Bulgaria is dental services. The private dental surgeries in the bigger towns are numerous, and the prices, calculated in accordance with the Bulgarian standard of living, are incredibiy low, compared to prices in western Europe. Some surgeries have dual pricing for Bulgarians and foreigners; so, check in advance.

The prices in Sofia, Burgas, Varna and Plovdiv are relatively the same: from 10 to 15 Euros for an initial examination, from 15 to 20 Euros for cleaning of caries and a photo polymer filling, and from 20 to 30 Euros for the treatment of pulpitis.

What does the law in Bulgaria say?

Bulgarian legislation grants foreign citizens the right to treatment in all medical establishments in the country. In case of emergency, foreigners can get help in the nearest clinic.

The head of the respective medical establishment has to inform the patient’s insurer immediately about the necessary treatment, except in emergencies.

Short-term foreign visitors to Bulgaria who do not insure themselves according to internal regulations have to pay for their medical treatment in accordance with the price list of the respective medical institution.